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North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles requires a minimum of thirty (30) hours of classroom education and six (6) hours of behind the wheel (BTW) training for teens.  THESE HOURS ARE THE MINIMUM REQUIRED BY LAW.  Some students are natural drivers and do very well after the minimum six (6) hours of behind the wheel training...while others ability to control a vehicle, during the beginning stages of a "learner's permit", can be minimal.  We assess ALL students individually and may suggest more behind the wheel time for some students.  Your teens first "learning to drive experience" will be remembered forever.  We believe that the learning experience should be a Calm, Safe and Fun memory.

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"Calm, Cool, Collected...That's How We Roll!"

Full Drivers Ed Programs and Partial Programs available for Teens under 18 yrs old.


See Parent Page for Class and Behind the Wheel Times!

All Around Driving School offers adult programs.  We teach adults with the same beliefs and enthusiasm as our teens.  We are highly recommended with the International Adult Programs at local Universities.  NC DMV does not require 30 hours classroom instruction.  First time adult drivers can be the MOST dangerous on the roads due to a basic lack of understanding of our traffic laws.  We are interested in your personal safety, as well as those in and around your vehicle.  Please let us give you the proper safety tools to ensure  a safe and happy future.  All Around Driving School knows driver education and understands traffic safety.  This knowledge and understanding will allow us to provide you with the very best experience.

Call us today and learn the difference as you move forward to total independence and the freedom to drive safely as you interact with other road users on our roadways!

All Around Driving School was formed to provide better options for Drivers Education in the "Triangle" and surrounding communities.

We are a driving school that fundamentally believes ALL student drivers should feel safe and in control while operating a vehicle.  Our instructor's recognize nervous drivers, as well as, drivers with attention issues.  We believe that a nervous driver is a dangerous driver...a calm driver is a safe driver.  Our motto explains our instruction practices...CALM, COOL, Collected!

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